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Are you concerned because the shortsightedness( Rabun Jauh近视 ), is getting worse, increasing power, need stronger and stronger glasses ?

You have come to the right website.  There are a number of different reasons why shortsightedness becomes worse.  The type of treatment will vary depending on what is causing this to happen.  But the good news is that we can help.  

What causes shortsightedness( Rabun Jauh近视 ) ?

Shortsightedness( Rabun Jauh近视 ) can be due to a number of different reasons.  The most common reason is that the eyes are working too hard when looking at things up close, such as for reading, because the eyes are not working together correctly.  If your eyes are not working together correctly when you are reading it can make it difficult to focus on objects or words for long periods of time.  Some people have so much difficulty looking up close that they have trouble reading even for a short period of time. 

Why doesn’t everyone become shortsighted, or have their shortsightedness ( Rabun Jauh近视 ) get worse?

If one is only shortsighted ( Rabun Jauh近视 ), their eyes will get more shortsighted ( Rabun Jauh近视 ) gradually over time.  But when your eyes don’t work together correctly, or have difficulty changing focus from up close to far away, you will work harder to see up close.  This is what makes the shortsightedness ( Rabun Jauh近视 ) get worse too quickly.

How do we slow down or reverse shortsightedness ( Rabun Jauh近视 ) ?

It depends on what the underlying vision problem is that is causing the shortsightedness ( Rabun Jauh近视 ) to get worse.  The best thing to do is to schedule an evaluation with Mr. Tien so he can determine the cause of the problem and the best treatment.  The good news is that it is very treatable.

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