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Better Eyesight For Everyone, Improving Vision, Improving Lives

Eye Turn & Lazy Eye

Looking for an alternative to surgery? And patching?

We are able to correct lazy eye without daily patching and many eye turns can be corrected without surgery.


Children with special needs are either unaware or unable to tell you they have trouble seeing.

Autism Spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities can be more challenging when untreated vision problems are present.


Does your child have Dyslexia?

Children with Dyslexia often have eye coordination, tracking and visual information processing problems which make reading even more difficult. We can help! The solution depends on the severity and type of Dyslexia.



Worried the prescription keeps getting stronger?

There are different reasons why shortsightedness becomes worse.  The type of solution will vary depending on what is causing this to happen.  But the good news is that we can help.

Color Blindness

We have different solutions for color blind patients.

There are 5 different types of color blindness and each requires a unique system called the Colorist System which provides a whole new world of color. These Colorist Systems can be worn as either contact lenses or spectacles. Colorist Systems can include Chromagen lenses, ColorMAX, Colorlite, Colorview, etc.

Neuro-Developmental Optometry

There are 17 different visual skills required for reading and learning.

The diagnosis and solution of vision problems that interfere with learning is performed in a Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation. We evaluate all the visual skills critical to reading and learning.






What We Can Help You

Safe, secure and effectiveness.

Neuro-vision Therapy | Sun Time Vision Specialist

Neuro-vision Therapy

is much like “physical therapy”, but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and the brain. It is an invaluable tool that has changed not only our patients’ vision, but has improved their lives as well.




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Lens Treatment | Sun Time Vision Specialist

Lens Therapy

Mr. Tien prescribes a variety of lenses to be worn for different types of conditions. 

Most people are familiar with routine glasses which are prescribed to help one see clearly. However, there are a variety of other types of lenses which are designed to help with how we use our eyes throughout the day. Lenses can be prescribed for a variety of conditions, for example to help with visual development (for children) and visual rehabilitation (for those who have suffered concussions or other head injuries).

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Color Light Therapy for common eye problems | Sun Time Vision Specialist

Color Light Therapy

is used as part of a vision therapy program.  It is helpful for patients with eye turns, lazy eye, restricted fields, learning related vision problems, dyspraxia and dyslexia. It also helps to stabilize vision in patients with head injuries and strokes; in addition, it helps expand the visual field.




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Schedule a free consultation with us today!



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